Time to Change


This journey of transformation is indeed a present activity in that we have to be in the moment to make those changes happen. Sometimes we pre-occupy ourselves by thinking ahead too much – and we end up sabotaging our progress.

Since my last post – my trip to Barbados has come and gone. And the month of May was very light on AF days (only managed 2) so I’m focusing on changing that up for this month starting today. I finished the last couple of coolers in the house and while I went so far as to the liquor store, in the store… I walked out empty handed.

I ended up eating more than I wanted to as well – but I figured it was more important that I not drink anymore. The nervous energy I have and the anxiety I know are due to a month of too much regular drinking. While I did not get drunk except on one night while on vacation – drinking every day and then having to get the DAY 1 in again is always the hardest step. I know that once I have one day under my belt, I start to feel better and looking to get a good streak in to clean the system out.

I’m not going to obsess on a future goal or number, but I’m simply going to take it one day at a time.

I read the book Between Drinks written by David Downie and I particularly like the CT mode he refers to – the Clear Thinker/Thinking that comes when we take a break from drinks. There are many milestone things coming up in the next month – with my oldest hopefully graduating (she’s been home schooling and has one course left to finish up) and my youngest hopefully managing to scrape through the last 3 weeks of school (it’s been a real tough year for her with her school avoidance). I need to have a clear head and the free time that comes when I’m not drinking – well it will be put to good use.

I’ve set my health goals and made a plan. Today I managed to get my 40 minute walk by the river and went to an hour long Zumba class. Tonight, I’ll be turning in early – feeling tired a bit (and sore lol). I’m embarking on my Strength Training journey this month as well – focusing on getting stronger and more toned.

The time to change is now – in the moment… Sometimes we even┬áhave to take it one hour at a time. Be gentle with yourself and take time out to really reflect on what change YOU need to make.

3 thoughts on “Time to Change

  1. elle says:

    you can do this! xoxo

  2. David Downie says:

    David Downie here. I’m confident you can make whatever changes to your life you want to. You’re in charge, after all!

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