Tough Times



I encountered some tough moments today. It seems at times when I finally think things are turning around I get hit with another rough patch. This morning was an example of that – but I’m getting tougher and my skin is getting thicker. This stuff with my 12 year old – it’s HARD. This stuff with sobriety – even HARDER at times. 

It’s a Friday night and I contemplated drinks today just because I feel like my kids are sucking the life out of me. Then I thought – why would I want to let the booze suck even more life out of me?!


And so I’m taking time to reflect on my day as I get ready for an early bed time. The cravings passed and I’m wrapping up another sober day. I know there will be other tough times ahead, but there will also be some good times ahead so long as I stick to my guns and remain AF. I know everything else will fall into place. 24 hours at a time. 

4 thoughts on “Tough Times

  1. Elle says:

    proud of you, girlfriend!

  2. cin says:

    YOU are STRONG and can do this. So proud of you as you must be of yourself cos girl lots going on. and cos of you I DON’T EAT SUGAR. I figure if you can do this with all the sh!t around you, I can get back onto not eating sugar other than fruit and only 2 servs a day. HUGS

  3. GOOD for you. The cravings do pass, and the tough times, well, they eventually will pass, too. GOOD FOR YOU! So great to hear. xx

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