Transformation Tuesday – 100 Day Challenges!

Transformation Tuesday – My greatest transformation story comes from my successful 100 Day Lose ‘da Booze Challenges! During each of the TWO that I’ve completed, I was able to lose weight despite the intense cravings for sweets and allowing those in while I focused on the NUMBER ONE priority to be alcohol free (AF).

During these challenges – I was able to focus on my health so as a result I worked out consistently. For me, when I allow myself drinks, I end up then caving in to eating greasy, fried foods and then the next day need more to cure the hangover feeling. For me, when allowing drinks, I would end up not staying on course with my workouts as I ‘didn’t feel like it’. For me, when I was AF, I was way more productive, positive, energetic and dynamic!

While my goal is not to quit for good, my goal is to reach a point where ‘da booze is not such a prominent part of my social life. It’s not easy because alcohol really is everywhere – on media, commercials, advertising, and at most of the social events we attend. It’s a mindset that has been ingrained that it’s normal to have drinks and ok but in many cases and for some it can be truly detrimental to your health.

When I turned 50 last year, I launched into this challenge to honor my sister’s memory as she passed at the age of 50 due to her issues with alcohol. I didn’t want to follow that path and so I decided to create one where I would hopefully help and inspire others to do the same. Following my first completed 100 Days AF (Sept 8 to Dec 16th) where I lost 22.5lbs and 21.5 inches – I launched a group so I could be joined by others wanting to achieve the same goal. On January 1st the FIRST 100 Day “GROUP” challenge started and I, along with many others in the group, completed my 2nd 100 Day Challenge on April 10th of this year.

Since then I’ve created a new group where I am striving to reach a total of 300 days AF in a one year period! Better is better and when I compare some numbers from previous years where I only had maybe 65 days without drinks (in 2015), to 209 days AF (in 2016) – I’m upping the game and aiming for 300 in 2017!

If this story of transformation speaks to you.. if it’s something you’d like more info on, personally message me and I’ll provide you with more information! My next 100+ Days will begin on September 4 or 5th following my 51st birthday! Perhaps it’s a time when YOU may consider joining in! #Losedabooze #100DayChallenge

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