I did it – I stand today at 62 Days AF – the LONGEST stretch I’ve had in about 16 years!! I’m honestly amazed as I’ve had some challenges thrown my way … some triggers that would normally send me into the ‘numbing’ mode with a few drinks, but I stuck it out.

And I feel pretty GREAT about it! My goal is still to reach 100 days and having come so close a few times to breaking this promise … yet again – well I credit this app (Sober Time) for making me think twice. I’ve always been a visual person so this is definitely motivating me to keep going!

Once I reach my 100 days – I will hit that ‘reset statistics’ tab … but only over the holidays and come January 2017 I’m back to being so much more mindful about my drinking habits as I continue on my lifelong journey to better health!

I’m now into another health challenge with the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I have some people looking to me for motivation so no way do I want to let them down.

I have so many wonderful opportunities showing up in my life – I have no time to be down and out with that booze fog. Tomorrow I go teach for 2 days – something I LOVE and something that earns me as much money as I make in 2 weeks at my regular job.

I don’t believe these opportunities would keep showing up if I didn’t have the will to better my life in every area – and this lozing ‘da booze habit is included… to a place where I can take it or leave it… and perhaps may not even enjoy it or look at it ever in the same way I did in the past!

Feeling super grateful and PROUD of myself too! And check out the added benefit too – the MONEY not spent!! More money to put towards my dream trip to Hawaii in 2017!!

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