Unplugging and Reflecting


Since my last post my countdown to my trip has shortened. I’m now 3 days away from flying out to Barbados for 7 heavenly days! Last time I travelled there, I was still checking in online and blogging daily on my SparkPeople blog and checking my Facebook updates and emails. NOT this time!! I am truly going to unplug.

2014 has provided me with a new outlook on life in many respects – on the family side, social/love side and yes even on the side of alcohol. I’m not obsessed about the ‘to drink or not drink’ and truly enjoying my life. I’m not AF and there are days when I still perhaps drink more than I should – but never to a point where I feel the incredible anxiety, guilt and regret I used to feel. My life is still very challenging as a single parent with a 13 year old presenting with many mental health issues – but it has just reinforced the need for me to care for mySELF.

This means that I need to do this real disconnect from the online world. My plan is to read, relax, explore sights, enjoy the ocean, sand and sun and yes I’ll have drinks…

My objective is to come back re-charged and ready to jump back into my routine with a new found energy and determination to keep pushing towards my health goals of getting lean and strong.

I have found that taking the focus off the alcohol has been a god send – because I honestly was incredibly tired of the head space it was taking in my head. I have now found many new and much more FUN things to think about and contemplate!

While disconnected, I may do some hand journaling as well – and I’ll be back to check in – but still not regularly here. I’m pleased to see new followers and hope that you are all doing well in your journey!


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  1. Elle says:

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!

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