Vacation doesn’t have to equal DRINKS

So I opted to have a drink yesterday after completing my 100 days – but today is a NEW day and even though I’m on vacation – it doesn’t mean I’m going to allow myself to slip back to daily drinking patterns.

The last time I took a two week break after the completion of my first 100 days – I did just that. It was the xmas holidays and I was visiting and I drank every day in that two week period.

As I get ready to fly out to Hawaii tomorrow – my intentions are different. My view on ‘da booze has changed even more (as I had hoped it would). Many were afraid that I would simply fall back into the pattern if I ‘allowed’ myself drinks again. Many find it simpler to just stay AF rather than do the moderation game. For ME – this is what I want… to now work towards achieving the 300 days MINIMUM in a one year period without drinks. It doesn’t mean I’m going to max it out – and plan 65 days with drinks.

What is more important to me is to continue achieving my health goals and while I’m down in weight and inches – I’m NOT done! So yes, through the rest of this month I may not be 100% AF but once I get back … May 1st – it’s a NEW challenge and back to a good streak to keep those numbers going in the right direction! That my friends is my priority over anything else!


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