Vacation Time

Today is Day 1 of my vacation … following a 2 week stress leave (I worked for one day yesterday and now off until July 18th). My view of this vacation time has shifted. I was supposed to travel to my Beachbody Coach Summit in New Orleans – today would have been the day I fly out, but instead I’m here at home this morning. I woke up with my fiancé’s alarm at 4:30am and went down to my spot and read my affirmations, posted in my groups and on my Facebook Page and then worked out. Today was Upper Fix with the 21 Day Fix Program and today is Day 132 AF of my 300 Day goal for 2017.

Yesterday was an ‘ok’ day. I went to work and got caught up with all my emails and when I got home, well my eating wasn’t great but I stopped eating by 5pm about. Whenever I go back to being AF – the challenge becomes not letting my eating go to crap too. When I hopped on the scale yesterday I was pissed at seeing the number back up at 180.5lbs (and it shows in my belly bulge here in the photo lol)… but with just one day of no booze, I’m down 1.5lbs.

My focus for today is to experiment with the IF (intermittent fasting) which is basically only eating within an 8 hour window – so I’m aiming for 10am to 6pm. Like with ‘da booze – when I set firm boundaries, it becomes easier – like my saying I won’t drink for the rest of this month. I thought about having drinks with my sister when she visits Sunday, but in all honesty, I can enjoy her visit without having a drink with them. I would much rather enjoy feeling less bloated, which should be achieved in the first 3 to 5 days of no booze again.

I’m really struggling with the whole eating thing as I watch my daughter struggle with her eating disorder – yesterday was a binge day for her and then there was my fiancé too – both of them were having a munch fest so I went to take a bath and then retrieved into the bedroom and was in bed by 10pm.

Today’s plan is to get a bit of work done in my garden (I haven’t even been out there yet with all the rain we’ve been having and how crap I was feeling with my daughter’s crises). I’m using this vacation time to try to get my shit back together and my motivation back up!

What I find helps with the AF days is to shift my focus not on ‘how I can’t have drinks’ but rather back to my health journey and how I need to eat/drink clean and workout. My step-daughter’s wedding is in 39 Days and I want to be looking and feeling great! It’s an event that has me a bit stressed due to the whole jumbled family mix that will be there – including my ex and his wife and my ex MIL. I want to be strong and confident going in there and feeling great about myself in every way. I call this my ‘revenge’ showing… even though the focus and day is about my step-daughter… I need to keep my shit together and not let him urk me in any way (I can’t give him or his wife that satisfaction).

So here’s to making the most of this ‘health’ vacation! NO drinks …and shifting back to a healthier mindset following a tough month of June.

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