Wanting to do it ALL – Day 29 of 100

I’m just sitting down for a bit of a break… Last weekend I spent most of it helping my daughter move. This weekend – we had dinner with friends on Friday night and spent the day visiting my partner’s family. Today I woke up and did a double workout (to make up for one I missed this week) then showered and we headed into town to run errands and get groceries. I made a nice soup for lunch and then he went off to an event I encouraged him to attend (I was kind of looking forward to some alone time).

I then continued some food prep – made some chicken fried rice, a batch of chili and a snack with my Shakeology (for when those chocolate cravings hit… as I plan on cutting on this daily habit I picked up of eating chocolates since I quit ‘da booze again).

I have so many projects I want to do and it feels like there’s never enough time. Odd since I used to waste so much time with my drinking habit. Now I have to really be careful about how I schedule things to stay balanced and not over extend myself.

I’m grateful for the energy and clarity that I have. I am grateful for the commitment that now seems so easy to stick to – like a new way of life.

And I have been keeping up with posts on our amazing Facebook Lose ‘da Booze 100 Day Challenge group! I’m going to ring in and share that this time round – the weight is not falling off as it did in my first 100 days. I am now at this set point I was at before 3 years ago for what seemed like forever and I watch as my weight bounces between 3 lbs up and down … but I’m going to continue tweaking my plan and journal what I eat to see where I can improve.

I googled a few articles too and I do believe in my case the peri-menopause and hormones are also playing a role. But no matter what that number reads on the scale – I feel so much healthier now than I have in ages! I pushed really hard with my weights this morning and it felt so empowering! Tomorrow I start week 5 of 12 with the Body Beast Program and I know I will follow it through to the end. I will do my monthly check on February 1st with my weight and measurements.

I was telling my partner that I’m where I was when I finished my first 100 and that is why historically I could never lose because I’d quickly regain as soon as I allowed myself drinks which would be for days in a row.

So I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing. Pacing myself. Writing things down on my to do list and crossing them off with satisfaction. I just finished cleaning the house (something I neglected so badly too when I drank). Laundry is done, dusting, floors are washed, bathrooms cleaned.

And the rest of the night will be spent relaxing a bit and enjoying the last of my weekend ‘night’. Looking forward to hitting it again tomorrow morning with my Monday feeling amazing and on track!

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