Weight Loss and AF Days

Year January Weight Alcohol Free Days
2010 174 137
2011 168 167
2012 158 126
2013 170 189
2014 172 91
2015 184.5 65
2016 199.5 209
2017 170.5 263
2018 180.5 264
2019 186.5 306

In my decade in review I also wanted to do a check on how booze affects my weight. I know that when I drink, my inhibitions go down and with the added calories of booze, the slowed metabolism as my body works to process the poison – and the added salty, greasy foods that come with the hangover – I’d always regain any weight I would have lost. I also slipped off the workout routine … either because I was hungover or because I didn’t have time since I was planning my days around having drinks.

I hit my highest weight following the year when I had the least amount of AF days and as I turned 50 in 2016 – the weight was harder to get off. Even though I’ll end this year with 306 days AF – it’s been a lot slower to lose the weight, but I’m also noticing how removing alcohol isn’t the solve all for weight loss.

The challenge many of us face following removing booze is the intense sugar cravings. This is my next barrier to tackle. Sugar is as addictive as the drug cocaine. Holly Whitaker has a great post on how to manage these in her article Sugar Addiction in Sobriety and How to Fix it.

As we near 2020 – I’m preparing my goals and vision and this is the next area to tackle. It means using many of the same techniques I used to achieve my sobriety – to remove the ’emotional eating’ that has taken place in my coping mechanisms. It means being more mindful and really processing emotions sober and working through them.

I know that these last days of 2019 will be filled with socials and great foods… and I won’t deprive myself – but I’m going to work on balance and mindfulness. I look forward to creating my vision board and sharing it with you. Visualizing where I want to be at this time next year… my health will be in much better shape (literally)… and I plan on being accountable and sharing with you one year from now to prove it!

You not only have to #LoseDaBooze to WIN in life! You have to take other action steps to really balance out other areas of your life as well. And that happens when you achieve a good stretch of sobriety and can stand strongly in it to then work on the other parts of your being that need attention!

As a Certified Wellness Coach – I work with clients to address the 12 elements of the Wellness360 Wheel and I’m living the journey with you! I look forward to serving and helping more clients in the New Year! If you’d like more info – message me on Facebook or visit my website.

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