What I Don’t Miss…

Sometimes when we give up something, we worry and fret about all we’ll be missing out on. I was thinking about this today in another way – what about all the things I don’t miss about being an alcohol drinker…

I don’t miss the memory lapses or bad decisions, or letting myself be taken advantage of or allowing myself to do something I know I will regret.

I don’t miss the sick, hungover feelings, the fogginess, drain, and zapped energy.

I don’t miss having to say no to potential good opportunities because I was drinking (like being spontaneous and going for a drive, or meeting up with a friend for fear of that booze breath).

I don’t miss worrying or thinking about how much I should drink, when I should stop, what others might think if they see me drink too much.

I don’t miss the anxiety, depressed feelings and guilt that happened every time I drank too much or for too many days in a row.

I don’t miss the worry of how people might view me – including my kids.

I don’t miss putting off ‘things to do’ because I just didn’t have the energy or will to do them because of the booze trap.

On Day 20 today of being sober and now I’m noticing all the great things I CAN do that I missed out on! I wake up every morning and have a to do list I want to get accomplished and it actually gets done. I have more opportunities knocking at my door and I’m sober and able to answer those calls. I know that I will still hit some days where I will question my decision to take this challenge, but if I can keep reminding myself of all that I don’t miss and focus on the positives being sober brings to my life, I know I can hang on to this!

The temporary buzz/lift that booze brings is followed by so many negatives it’s just NOT worth it! The natural high of that sense of accomplishment and success that comes with being sober is worth so much more to me!

It still gets ‘boring’ at times, but I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all part of adjusting and finding ME again. Re-discovering activities I used to enjoy before my drinking days – which honestly brings me back soooo long ago. Soberland brings me back to a level of clarity I have not felt in so long, but that ironically we chase after when we drink – to find that place of euphoria… when it’s right here with us – if we could just be quiet and see it’s right here – in each of us. Once the mind is quieter, those things come back to the forefront and we’re able to live out our lives in a much more positive way.

Gone for me are the thoughts of sulking about what I’m missing without the booze and appreciating all the GOOD that comes in Soberland as I lose ‘da booze habit in my life!

6 thoughts on “What I Don’t Miss…

  1. Elle says:

    It’s amazing to see all those reasons together, I’d just add you don’t miss the weight gain.

    Thank you for pointing out the natural high that comes with accomplishment. I like that.

  2. Em says:

    I find a new childlike wonder at things! It is good to be free!

  3. bizi says:

    This is a great list! You are coming thru this so wisely and with grace.
    I am proud of you for your accomplishments. YOu are doing great!

    • losedabooze says:

      There’s so much I could add to this list as time passes I’m sure… even thinking of all the money I’m saving and what better things I could be doing with that – like a nice getaway holiday 🙂 or new clothes (because I’ll lose weight and keep it off since I’m not wrecking my plan with booze on weekends or binge drinking episodes).

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