This picture helps me accept it because as with most things there are always two sides. I have this poster  hat has wolves on it that has been the source of my inspiration on my journey… (below)



So there’s a BAD wolfie and there’s a strong wolfie!! Today I’m letting that peaceful, strong wolfie squash the asshole wolfie that tried to tell me it would be a good idea to have a drink tonight… that I deserve it and that honestly I’m making too big of a deal out of this.

FUCK YOU BIG BAD WOLFIE… because my inner GOOD wolfie is going to win! I’m going to beat my record of 33 days and wake up feeling amazing tomorrow. I have not had 34 sober days in a row in decades – tomorrow marks that day and my continued journey forward in the sober car!!

2 thoughts on “Wolfie

  1. momma bee says:

    Screw him… He is so stupid and un-cool and he doesn’t even realize it.. He thinks your stupid too but your not, your way smarter than dumb dumb Wolfie.


  2. bizi says:

    I hope you get to dance your heart out tonight!

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